[ Noticias + News ] 04 Abril, 2006 13:40

This is an address to download the beta version of the game. Soon we'll have the versions for Catalunya and Berlin...

We are still developing some specific drivers, so long the game can only be played in windows xp (sorry for that).

Any incidence or comunication pls refer to info@bordergames.org

Dirección del juego descarga (100 mbs):


You can also look for bordergames.zip either in the emule or kad

En emule y kad: buscad bordergames.zip

[ English docs ] 03 Abril, 2006 12:13


Bordergames is a series of workshops, a videogame engine and an editor which allows young migrants not only to design a video game where their experiences are the main element, but also to learn the importance of taking over new technologies and using them to self organize and recover the control over their own lives and environments.

[ General ] 02 Abril, 2006 10:50


Bordergames, más allá de ser un videojuego es también una propuesta de autoorganización de la memoria más inmediata y una vía para convertir la propia experiencia en materia de experimentación, debate e intervención, es decir para construir la propia experiencia como situación.