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17 Jun, 2009

Entanglement percolation in complex quantum networks

Ja hem posat aquest article a l'arXiv:

Entanglement percolation in complex quantum networks

Martí Cuquet and John Calsamiglia

A novel quantum effect, entanglement percolation, has been recently proposed by Acin et al. [Nat. Phys. 3, 256 (2007)] as a means to establish long-distance entanglement between arbitrary nodes in some quantum networks with a particular lattice geometry. Here we study entanglement percolation strategies in complex networks, thereby extending the phenomenon to realistic network structures. We develop a theory to study entanglement percolation in random graphs with arbitrary degree distributions and find exact analytical results for some particular models. Our findings are in good agreement with numerical simulations and show that the proposed quantum strategies, which only make use of local information of the network, enhance the percolation threshold substantially. Numerical simulations also show a clear enhancement in small-world and other real-world networks.

En prometo una explicació ben aviat.


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