Live in hell

Five in the morning... one pub in Berlin

Cuando una mujer avanza,
no hay hombre que retroceda
Coordinadora de Mujeres Oaxaqueñas

This history told me my Teacher when I was eight years old.

Try to imagine this. They were ten womans and ten mans. They should go to search for food, go out, in the darkness, width all the predators that existed at this moment. These wasn't easy. Perhaps, they stayed for one week or one month outside. The probabilitys for dead was very high!!

So... What spoke they about?? Should go the womans or the mans

If the womans went, and they died, for example, seven died, it is not very good for the tribe. Ten mans, and only three womans to get more childs... very difficult. But, if the mans went, it is no too important problem if five, six, seven died, because three mans could make the same reproducive work als the other

Probaly, then, the protection turned in opression. The election taked in common, become in authoritarism, in roles, in construction. In ways to life that makes laws, works and perspetives for womans, and differents for mans

It is only an idea... An idea to try to explain, how can be happen all this shit!!

I remeber my teacher, not problaby all the days, but few of them. I rembeber her, because the same days, i must defend myself, and not only of agressions, or bad things... I must to remember the person who i live, that i can take the decision also myself, and i don't need protection... only understanding, and sometimes, of course, advice.

[1] La imágen es de la artista iraquí Zamer Al-Nasri. La encontré cuando leía este furioso, certero y sincero artículo de Layla Anwar, que recomiendo leer, aunque salten las lágrimas y te entren ganas de consumirte en cinco minutos
[2]: Siento si a alguien le cuesta leer el post en inglés, pero así transcurrió la conversación, incluidas las posibles faltas de ortografía y gramática inglesa que seguro que he cometido, tanto ahora al escribirlo, como en aquel momento al hablarlo.

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