apt-get upgrade, really??

I have just upgraded my system... and what a fucking surprise!!!!

llopart:/usr/lib# ls -l ?r---w-r-- 9284 3894708672 3563489548 2333090884 1989-04-07 12:13

What??? Type of buffer "?"... It dosen't seem very well...

llopart:/usr/lib# chown root:root chown: cambiando el propietario de «»: Operación no permitida

Uffff!!! I think it is a problem with ext3 file system.

Goog Night llopart. We will have a very interesting day tomorrow

09/04/2006 21:09 1 Comments

Volar sin alaS Tech Live in hell Music

Wake up!

We have to do things. Every day. We have to move up, think, make, feel and make that others can feel to.

And these things that we do, change all about us. Every way that you choose to walk opens in your mind new ways. And it close others.

Today, i open this blog... but what will i want do with it in future?? Nobody knows the answer, and either it isn't important, when all's said and done...

The means justifies the aims...

08/29/2006 17:19 1 Comments


Aprendiendo a usar la bitácora


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